Want To How To Get Better Mixes?

Mixthru is a quick and effective way to improve your mixing skills. Being able to watch a professional engineer work has always been valuable. But learning the what, why and how as they mix is even more valuable. Mixthru combines both into a downloadable video you can watch anywhere, anytime.


Improve Your Funk Mixes

Learn how to mix a funky pop record from start to finish including levels, EQ, compression, effects and more. Includes multitracks for practice.

  • Help dark vocals cut through a mix with compression and de-essing
  • Achieve a consistent, full-bodied lead vocal with parallel compression
  • Help competing bass tracks find their own space in the mix with EQ
  • Give dry synths depth and ambience with modulation effects
  • Transform flappy low-end into one that's punchy, solid and tight
  • Blend several kicks to give static drums a natural acoustic feel
  • Use M/S processing to get small synth tracks to sound large and wide
  • Compare mix buss compressors to find the one that’s right for the song
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Improve Your Hip-Hop Mixes

Learn how to mix a Hip-Hop track from start to finish featuring rap vocals from Armageddon of Terror Squad. Includes stems for practice.

  • Mix rap vocals with EQ, de-essing, compression and more
  • Use parallel compression to keep vocals cutting through the mix
  • Why you might want to start your mix at the stereo buss
  • Recreate tape-era-like brightness with simple EQ curves
  • Secrets to establishing presence and consistency in a rap vocal
  • Utilize different knee settings and thresholds to add tension
  • Mix powerful and punchy drums that hit hard on all playback systems
  • Decide where bass elements and 808s should tonally sit in the mix
  • Add a sense of dimension to your mix without using reverb
  • Finalize the mix and increase perceived volume with limiting
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Improve Your EDM Mixes

Learn how to mix an EDM Future Bass record from start to finish including levels, EQ, compression, effects, distortion and more. Includes stems.

  • Use EQ to clean and enhance synth leads, pads and strings
  • Use contrast and effects to create a huge 3D space
  • Utilize dynamics processing to exaggerate tension
  • Use EQ to accentuate fundamental tones or overtones
  • Mix multiple low end elements to work together in a mix
  • Use distortion to help sub bass cut through a mix
  • Add brightness to a modern EDM mix without any harshness
  • Use a transient designer to manipulate attack and sustain
  • Automate to add movement and excitement to your mix
  • Use compression to shape sounds and control dynamics
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Improve Your Rock Mixes

Learn how to mix an indie-rock song with male vocals from start to finish with a focus on utilizing primarily stock plugins. Includes stems for practice.

  • Get a great mix on a limited budget using mostly stock plugins
  • Recognize and fix phase issues in a multitrack recording
  • Use compression and limiting to increase tension in a mix
  • Utilize automation to bring life back to over-compressed tracks
  • Augment drums with samples to get a punchier drum mix
  • Determine the most effective reverb settings for your mix
  • Negotiate the best parts of a multi-capture recording
  • Use distortion to add color and life to tracks in the mix
  • Enhance the low end of your mix with parallel compression
  • Emphasize section changes by automating reverb and effects
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Improve Your Pop Mixes

Learn how to mix a pop record from start to finish including levels, EQ, compression, reverb, distortion, limiting, and more. Includes stems for practice.

  • Mix and negotiate multiple bass elements in a mix
  • Establish and utilize contrast within dense arrangements
  • Mix guitars while drawing from cross-genre influences
  • Shape synth pads around vocals and other instruments
  • Utilize compression to accentuate rhythmic patterns
  • Mix for a specific record and train your ear for context
  • Utilize transitional effects to emphasize section changes
  • Use reverb to add space and depth in a mix
  • Create height using EQ to exaggerate a sense of dimension
  • Mix vocals to fit specific sections of a dynamic record
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Improve Your Trap Mixes

Learn how to mix a trap beat with male rap vocals from start to finish including levels, EQ, compression, limiting, effects and more. Includes stems for practice.

  • Clean and enhance a rap vocal
  • Route your tracks for ultimate flexibility
  • Enhance vocals with parallel compression
  • Mix hard-hitting 808s and kick drums
  • Negotiate hi-hats, bells and other percussion
  • Clean up a noisy rap vocal recording
  • Use parallel excitement to enhance a vocal
  • Embellish with effects, drops and more
  • Master with mid-side EQ and limiting
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What people say about our tutorials

What is a Mixthru?

Frequently Asked Questions

How is Mixthru different than other tutorials?

Mixthru focuses specifically on application, whereas other tutorials present a balance between theory and application. A Mixthru is a window into the real world of a mix engineer — a virtual chance to attend a session and have me explain everything I'm thinking.

Are you teaching or just mixing the song?

I'm teaching through mixing. Each song will present universal challenges that tend to be true in many records of a particular genre, but each song will also present unique challenges, and observing how I tackle both will be fulfilling to the learning process.

Will I learn techniques to apply to my own mix?

Absolutely. But more importantly, I am teaching a thought process. Mixing is about understanding the song, creating goals, and tackling obstacles. Often times we run into situations that can be addressed with multiple techniques. I'm not only teaching those techniques, but I'm also teaching a process for choosing which specific techniques will be best.

What DAW are you using to mix?

I mix in Pro Tools, but the techniques and processes you will learn are completely independent of any one particular DAW, and will apply to Logic, Ableton, Cubase, Reaper, Fruity Loops, Studio One and other similar platforms.

Do I need to own specific plugins?

Nope! Matthew uses the plugins he prefers to teach with, but the concepts will apply to any similar signal processing. Matthew may demonstrate with the FabFilter Pro-Q EQ or Sonnox Oxford Dynamics compressor, but the same ideas will apply to any EQ or compressor, including stock plugins inside your DAW. Using high quality software can certainly improve your results, but the most important factor is learning to use what you already have as effectively as possible — and that's what we're all about.

Is my satisfaction guaranteed?

Yes, always! We're confident these videos will help you, but we want you to be absolutely satisfied. If within 30 days you’re unhappy for any reason, email us and we’ll give you a full refund — no questions asked.

About Matthew Weiss

Matthew Weiss is a Grammy nominated and Spellemann Award winning audio engineer from Philadelphia.

Matthew has mixed a lot of records, including songs for producers like Space Cowboy (Lady Gaga, Nadia Oh!), !llmind & The Dance, Dizzee Rascal, The Symphony, Arrested Development and more.

Matthew has also been a featured guest speaker at Cornell University, ProStudio Live, SXSW and more.

In addition to these courses, Matthew also writes articles for The Pro Audio Files and we encourage you to check those out. Of course, email us if you have any questions.

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