Mixing Home Recordings teaches you:

  • Huge Electric Guitars

    Learn how to evaluate and mix multiple guitar captures to get a huge sound that adds impact and power to a mix while complimenting the bass guitar.

  • Hard-Hitting Drums

    Learn tips, tricks and techniques for getting a massive hard-hitting drum sound by manipulating phase, tone, shape and dynamics.

  • Powerful Low End

    Learn how to get a clear, defined separation between kick, bass and other elements to get a powerful low end that moves the listener and translates well across various playback systems.

  • Effective Stereo Imaging

    Use various plugins to improve the phase alignment, dynamics, imaging and tone to create a full and balanced stereo image within your mix.

  • Problematic Recordings

    Learn to identify and fix common critical issues found in home studio recordings so you can achieve the best possible sound regardless of "limiting" circumstances.

  • Preparing for Mastering

    Learn how to evaluate your mix, achieve competitive loudness without destroying dynamics, and set yourself up to get the most out of mastering, whether with a professional or a robot.

  • Great Sounding Vocals

    Learn a variety of techniques for dynamic, EQ and time-based processing to ensure your vocal is the memorable star of a song. Demonstrated on four drastically different vocal captures.

  • Shaping Dynamics

    Use tools like transient designers and compressors to shape your drum sound and add punch, impact and excitement into your mix.

  • Master Buss Processing

    Matthew takes the mystery out of mix buss processing, teaching you tips, techniques and approaches for adding loudness and increasing cohesion within your mix.

  • Ambience and Vibe

    Use reverb, delay, distortion and other fun effects in non-traditional ways to create the perfect vibe and ambience for your song.

  • Multiple Genres

    We teach you how to mix your song for vibe with the characteristics of various genres in mind, including Hard Rock, Indie-Pop, Indie-Rock and Hip-Hop.

  • Bonus: Indie-Rock Mixthru

    For a limited time, we're also including a FREE Indie-Rock Mixthru, a start to finish mix using primarily stock plugins with a song recorded in a living room.

What customers are saying:

What's it all about?

Whether you're a home studio musician mixing your own songs, or a professional mix engineer mixing for a client, we'll teach you tips, tricks and techniques for getting the best possible sound out of your home studio recordings.

We'll teach you techniques to improve the quality of your mixes, including how to effectively use EQ, Compression, Distortion, Reverb, Delay & more to manipulate shape, tone and dynamics, so you can bring your music to life.

The course dives into three genres: Hard Rock, Indie-Pop & Hip-Hop. You'll also get a FREE bonus start-to-finish Indie-Rock Mixthru featuring a song recorded in a living room that Matthew mixes in real time using mostly stock plugins.

What You'll Learn ...

  • Identify and fix issues wrecking havoc on your home recordings
  • Tips and techniques to drastically improve your drum mixes
  • Enhance vocals with EQ, compression, effects and more
  • Create vibey ambience with reverb, delay, distortion & more
  • Use compression, EQ & more to get a hard-hitting drum sound
  • How to check and fix various phase cancellation issues
  • Tips and techniques for effective master buss processing
  • Compression techniques to manipulate shape, tone & dynamics
  • Use automation to breathe life and excitement into your mix
  • Learn how to evaluate and mix vocals in four different genres
  • Get the best sound out of multi-mic electric guitar captures
  • Tips for using EQ to fix problems and enhance the overall mix
  • A quick trick that will instantly make your chorus sound huge
  • Tips for effectively blending electric guitar and bass guitar
  • Effectively differentiate and mix powerful background vocals
  • Manipulate mic bleed without using a noise gate or strip silence
  • A fun trick for using transient designers on electric guitar
  • Utilize strategic clipping to enhance the energy of a snare drum
  • Create a rhythmic push-pull energy to add excitement to drums
  • Effectively manipulate the stereo image of your room captures
  • Tips and Techniques for getting a huge bass guitar sound
  • Compression ear training to help you hear attack times
  • Use transient designers to add impact and punch to a mix
  • A quick trick for figuring out the best drum panning placement
  • Tips for balancing drum overheads for a better stereo image
  • Multitracks included so you can practice alongside the course

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Discounted Bundles

Mixing Home Recordings

Mixing Home Recordings
  • Vocals
  • Drums
  • Bass
  • Guitar
  • Hip-Hop
  • Free Indie-Rock Mixthru

Home Recording + Essentials

Mixing with Reverb + Essentials
  • Mixing Home Recording
  • Mixing with Compression & EQ
  • Drum + Multiband Compression
  • Mixing with Reverb
  • FREE Indie-Rock Mixthru
  • $375 Total Value

Complete Bundle

All tutorials (40+ Hours)
Complete Bundle
  • Mixing Home Recordings
  • Advanced Mixing + Mixing 101
  • Reverb + Compression + EQ
  • Mixing EDM + Mixing Hip-Hop
  • 9 Workshops + 6 Mixthrus
  • $1200 Total Value

Home Recording + Mixthru

Mixing Home Recordings + Mixthru
  • Mixing Home Recordings
  • Hip-Hop Mixthru (x2)
  • Pop + Funk Mixthru
  • Indie-Rock Mixthru
  • EDM Mixthru
  • $297 Total Value

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About Matthew Weiss

Matthew Weiss is the recordist and mixer for multi-platinum artist Akon, and boasts a Grammy Nomination for Jazz and Spellemann Award for Best Rock album.

Matthew has mixed for a host of star musicians including Akon, SisQo, Ozuna, Sonny Digital, Ronnie Spector, Uri Caine, Dizzee Rascal, Arrested Development, and 9th Wonder.

Matthew has also been a featured guest speaker at Cornell University, SUNY Fredonia, SXSW and more.

We’re excited to share the mixing techniques Matthew has developed over the years, and our goal is to help you elevate the quality of all your mixes and productions no matter what circumstances or gear you're working with.

Mixing EDM Tutorial


  • Is the course only for Pro Tools?

    Nope! While Matthew mixes in Pro Tools, the processes he teaches are completely independent of any one particular DAW and will apply to Logic, Ableton, Cubase, Reaper, Fruity Loops, Studio One and other similar platforms.

  • Do I need to own specific plugins?

    Nope! Regardless of specific plugins or gear the techniques are demonstrated on, Matthew teaches it conceptually so you can apply it to whatever gear you're working with for any situation you're in.

  • What genres are featured in the course?

    The course features multiple genres including Hard Rock, Indie-Rock, Indie-Pop and Hip-Hop. As with all of Matthew's courses, the techniques, strategies and mindsets will easily apply to all genres.

  • Do you have any special offers?

    Yes! To celebrate the launch, we're offering Mixing Home Recordings at an introductory sale price and also including a free Indie-Rock Mixthru ($40 value). If you already own that Mixthru, feel free to email us and request a different one.