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New Course: Mastering in the Box

With the rise of home studios, the advent of higher quality plugins, and many engineers mixing 100% in the box, the mastering process has in some ways followed suit. It’s more accessible than ever to take a song all the way from start to finish yourself — but for many, mastering is still an unapproachable, nebulous process.

Until now …

In our latest training course, Mastering in the Box, professional engineer Ian Vargo reveals all, teaching you how to get high quality mastering results at home using 100% plugins in the box.

The course features thirteen topic-specific workshops and eight walkthroughs in various genres, plus all the song files so you can practice alongside.

Whether you’re an aspiring mastering engineer or a producer/mixer looking to add that extra spice/competitiveness/love to your music, this course shows you how to get it there and drastically elevate the quality of your work.

SPECIAL OFFER: Since you’re reading this and we love you and it’s launch week, we have a 20% off discount code for you. Simply enter LAUNCH20 at checkout, but don’t miss out — sale ends Sunday.

➥ Take your music to the next level with Mastering in the Box

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Dan Comerchero

Dan Comerchero

I’m Dan, Founder of The Pro Audio Files and Quiztones ear training apps. I’m probably checking Instagram if you want to say hi.

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  • Jason

    Honestly, This course is only a GLAZE over mastering. I just finished all of the workshop videos and have watched about half of the walkthrough videos and the only thing that I’ve learned is what plugins are helpful in the mastering process. There’s no in-depth lessons about what to do when faced with any problems that you may stumble upon in the mastering process. Neither is there any in-depth as to WHY you’d want to do this or that in the process. As I said, it’s basically just a glaze over the mastering process along with what plugins are useful for it. Is it worth the $67 that I paid for it? Absolutely not. I could’ve done a basic Google search and learned what I’ve learned here. Sorry, TPAF. But, I’m not impressed and significantly pissed that I paid the money for it.

    I’m actually in school right now for music production (so I know some stuff already) and the only thing that I have yet to learn is the mastering process. I have a week off this week (Spring break) and wanted to see if I could get something accomplished during it. So, I figured I’d give this a try.

    I’d MAYBE pay $20 (at best) for this course. Just saying…

  • phaz

    Very good advices.
    Ian dosen’t say all, but what he says is true. He made a serious work in making theses videos.
    For those who start (and more) in mastering, it’s a good tutorial, in a very clear and understandable english. It allows you to earn several days of forum reading, and it is reliable.

    • Yourlocaldrumkitplugg

      Did they go over hip hop etc.?

    • Phaz

      Yes. Ian shows examples of mastering on tracks of different musical genres.
      He makes a quick mastering, in his way.

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