Backup Sessions to the Cloud with Gobbler

Backing up your sessions is an essential part of the recording and production process. Losing an entire session or a single audio file can be demoralizing for the artist (losing the perfect take) and will cause you to lose clients. Programs such as Time Machine and CCC help make backing up to external hard drives easier, but don’t solve the problem of a drive’s impending mortality—mechanical failure, natural disaster, or theft.

Enter Gobbler—a service specifically designed from the ground up for backing up, sending, and organizing pro audio sessions.

The process could not be easier. You select the project you wish to backup and Gobbler will automatically upload all assets to its secure cloud server. Assets are compressed into a completely lossless format that speeds up the upload time without compromising fidelity. Whenever the project changes, Gobbler will automatically update its backup and keep track of revision history allowing you to rollback to previous versions of the project.

It’s a liberating feeling knowing that if something happens to my hard drive I can just go buy a new one and easily replace all of the data.

You can share entire sessions with other Gobbler users (and soon others) with the click of a button. Since the files have already been uploaded to the server, the files are instantly available for download. Additionally, Gobbler allows you to bulk tag and upload tracks to a SoundCloud account.

Gobbler is in beta right now, but is definitely a mature product. I’ve been using it since December and the support has been nothing short of incredible. Gobbler’s staff lives to satisfy and help its users. I would recommend joining the beta and getting in on the ground level of this phenomenal service.

Sign up to test the product by 6/27 and  you’ll get 50GB of storage for free while the product is in beta. After 6/27 you’ll only get 25GB to test with.

Sign up here!

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Chris Conover

Chris Conover

I'm one half of remix production duo EarthMoonEarth, do sound design for Google, and have a lot of talented friends who trust me to mix their tracks. Follow me @chris_conover
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  • The importance of backing up is very high in my own studio. As such I would like to share a great device with people. the Integral SATA copy station. really good price and you can pop 2 x SATA drives on it, hit a single button and clone your system/sample drives very easily. Really handy and makes you feel much safer as well. Nice write up as this is importance stuff. cheers