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3 Awesome Sales Happening Right Now

As February comes to a close, I wanted to share three awesome sales going on today from Matthew Weiss, David Glenn and Cristofer Odqvist.

➥ 20% Off Making Sound

Making Sound is an e-book filled with 15 chapters of practical techniques for sound design, production, mixing and more. Quickly gain new perspectives that will increase your inspiration and spark your creativity. Use the 75 additional tips to add new sparkle, polish and professionalism to your music.

Enter the code FEB20 to get 20% off today.

Here’s what a few customers have said.

➥ Mixing Pop

Mixing Pop is the latest mixing course from David Glenn and includes 4 hours of training, breaking down and teaching you every move he makes to mix a full Redimi2 song from start to finish.

David is currently offering a bunch of launch discounts and bonuses for this one.

➥ The Workshop Bundle

The latest workshop on mixing with multiband compression has been our most popular release to date. In this 70 minute workshop, Matthew Weiss takes the mystery out of multiband processing, not only teaching you the controls and concepts, but tons of actionable tips, tricks and techniques for effectively using it as a powerful mixing tool to get incredible results.

Today is the last day to take advantage of the Mini-Mixthru bonus that comes with The Workshop Series Bundle on top of the 40% discount already built into the price.


Here’s what a customer said about it.

Two of these sales end today, so if you’ve had your eye on any of these, now is the perfect time to make the jump and take your music to the next level.

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Dan Comerchero

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