The Maio Collection: Debut Drum Library from Matthew Weiss

Weiss Drums — The Maio CollectionIntroducing the debut drum library from Matthew Weiss: The Maio Collection

So what’s up with these drums?

I could tell you how unique these drums sound. Or how they’re a blend of the best of both acoustic and synthetic drum characteristics. Or how they’ll make your beats hit harder and stand out.

But I wont.

Because if you know Matthew from his articles and tutorials, you already know this will be true. Not only is he an incredibly talented mix engineer, he’s also a total Hip-Hop head.

The Weekend

He spent an entire weekend at Kawari Sound a few months ago capturing thousands of one shots which were meticulously processed and whittled down to this final collection of 160 hard-hitting drum sounds we call The Maio Collection.


Here’s a beat our friend Samik made with a few Maio drums:

You can preview the drums on the website, but we also wanted to give you a free taste, so we put together a Maio Sampler Pack.

Free Sampler Pack

Simply drop your email in the box below to instantly download The Maio Sampler Pack. Also, keep your eyes out for an upcoming Maio Collection beatmaking contest. We’ll be giving away tons of prizes as well as featuring your Maio beats on the blog.


Dan Comerchero

Dan Comerchero

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    These drums are the best samples, in a pack, that I have ever heard. I have heard a lot of them too!