50 Must-Read Pro Audio Articles from 2012

2012 went by so fast. Every year goes by fast. Only minutes and hours go by slow. I spent most of my days freelancing for a great audio software company, while simultaneously exercising my inherent need to build and promote my own products. I’d prefer the world didn’t end. The world didn’t end.

I want to thank the awesome contributors who made The Pro Audio Files possible in 2012: Matthew WeissRob Schlette, Randy Coppinger, Mike MoschettoSam O’Sullivan and Chris Conover.

To close out the year, I thought I’d round up some great articles for you. Because who doesn’t love a good list post? I reached out to some of my favorite bloggers to get their most popular articles from 2012. Enjoy and have a great year.

Recording Hacks:

Production Advice:

Randy Coppinger:

Designing Sound:

The Home Recording Show:

Audio Geek Zine:

Pro Sound Web:

Sessions with Slau:

D.I.Y. Recording Equipment:

Silver Lake Studio:

Slam Academy:

Home Studio Corner:

Audio Issues:

Behind the Mixer:

The Recording Revolution:

Audible Mention:

Audio Fan Zine:

iOS Musician:

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